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Post by Muninn on Sun Aug 23, 2015 1:53 pm

I realize we have another week left for the night, but there has been so much that has gone on and all I figured a rundown post was warranted.

Assisting with Storytelling__________

In Farris' message he thanked me for stepping in, but I hardly can take much credit. This place that he and Vicar have built and the characters you all have crafted and unveil for us all is where all the magic for this game comes from. I see it not as a job, but as a privilege, to be given the opportunity to further the greatness that Farris and Vicar have achieved here and to hopefully continue to carry that banner in the threads for you all.

Without each and every one of your characters I would be a man of questionable sanity simply posting random blurbs on a forum. Smile It's all of you that have made this game as great as it it. A game I am proud to be a part of.

Behind the Scenes__________

Although strained for time as they have been, Farris and Vicar have been talking with me quite a bit behind the scenes and we have some exciting new things coming in the near future. Some (most) i obviously can't disclose as they are game related. But here's a hint of some of what you'll see soon:

  • At the close of this game night we're going to be adding some more flavor to the global announcement for the nights, tying in some news articles and things from around the game to further help spread plot developments, important info for the city, or simply to propagate misinformation. Wink We feel a few small improvements will go a long way into adding more depth to the game.

  • Another angle the three of us have decided to explore is more character-related development. At the close of this game night I'm going to take the lead on adding a short questionnaire in each of your character areas for you to answer if you choose. (It would be optional for those of you who might not be interested.)

    In it we will have 10-15 questions based on your character, such as what are their long and short term goals, what are some elements of their back stories that may come back to haunt them in current nights. What is the drive behind the character, etc.

    We feel this will help us continue to deliver the outstanding game and storylines we have been, but also allow us to tie in more personal aspects to your characters directly. We felt that this would add a layer of realism and character development that could be very rewarding to each of you.

But in closing I'd just like to reiterate that I thank you all for letting me be a part of this family and I promise to continue to try to do my best. Twisted Evil

Sunday Rundown EplmacF

Huginn and Muninn (Old Norse Huginn, “Thought” and Muninn, “Memory”) are the twin ravens of Norse mythology. They are the servants of the Norse All-Father, Odin, traveling to bring him reports of the affairs of the world.

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