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Sunday wrap-up Empty Sunday wrap-up

Post by P. "Pike" Kelly on Sun Mar 29, 2015 9:34 pm

I've had a couple things I wanted to say during the course of the week, but thought it'd be best to get them out all at once, and encourage others to do the same. At my LARPs, we've always had end-of-game meetings and post-game visits to a local diner to chat OOC about what happened during a session, so you can call this "habit" on my part.

First off, I've felt very welcomed, and I want to credit Farris, Pavel, and Vincent for that. Farris, the organization and direction I've seen you give the game is admirable and impressive, and I'm sure there's much more that I can't see that only deserves greater credit. Pavel, I enjoyed the quiet tension in our characters' meeting, and got a big kick out of your character's reported take on the NPC we met. Vincent, I'm looking forward to our characters meeting.

During one scene, Russian was spoken by way of transliteration. This confused the piss out of me! I took some Russian classes in school, and though I was a very bad student for vocabulary, I took to the Cyrillic alphabet very keenly. A Cyrillic "y" would have an "oo" sound, but transliterated it reads appropriately to English, and man, did that make trying to piece out what my character would be hearing tricky for me to sort out.

I could go on to praise Farris's location descriptions, but we don't want the ST's head to get too big too quickly, yeah?
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Sunday wrap-up Empty Re: Sunday wrap-up

Post by Vincent Gerhardt on Sun Mar 29, 2015 11:18 pm

Very well put, Abram! I agree with your compliments on Farris - the dude is absolutely killing it. And I very much look forward to the Monday court(Which will most likely be when the guys meet

A point for the Russian bit; Should we add spoilers with translations of whichever language is spoken? If Vincent can speak German, but I cant, something might be lost to Google Translate and that could affect his reaction?
Vincent Gerhardt
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Sunday wrap-up Empty Re: Sunday wrap-up

Post by FARRIS on Mon Mar 30, 2015 12:29 am

I don't speak and have not studied Russian in the slightest. I just ran the English text thru Google translate.

Pavel and I were sending the English versions to each other via PM which worked for the small scale of the scene. And was awesome at keeping Abram in the dark. However after some thought on the matter, moving forward I believe it will be better to put translation in spoiler tags at the end of the posts. Especially if there are multiple characters or languages being spoken as it will get out of hand for me to run multiple people at once through PMs.

I'm totally overjoyed that you kids are enjoying your time so far! Thank you for the compliments I assure you my ego is plenty inflated already this shouldn't affect me too much!

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Sunday wrap-up EplmacF

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Sunday wrap-up Empty Re: Sunday wrap-up

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