NEW FEATURE - Havens of the Damned

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NEW FEATURE - Havens of the Damned Empty NEW FEATURE - Havens of the Damned

Post by Muninn on Sat Oct 03, 2015 12:09 am

Player Haven Threads

We've rolled out a new feature here at OKCbN and it's the Havens of the Damned section of the forum and this thread is the reasoning behind it, to outline how each character can request a haven thread, and to show how it's intended to be used.

The Issues:
Originally some characters would play their haven threads in the OOC, private character areas and others would play them in their location in the city.

The problem with having haven threads in the OOC area was it mixed an IC and an OOC area and would put a restriction of any other player character that would be invited into your haven thread would be able to read all your OOC info about your character and storyteller related conversations. I also felt it was important to segregate out character and administration areas from gameplay areas.

The problem with the second method of posting your haven thread wherever it appears, such as 'Downtown - YourCharacter's Haven' is now you're clearly announcing where your character lays his head and providing a place where anyone can read what goes on in your haven which should be a very personal space for a vampire.

The Solution:
The solution puts a little bit more work on the storytellers but we feel the extra work is justified to provide more realism and depth to the haven/gameplay dynamic. What we have set up now is a new section of the forum under which players can establish their havens. These areas are created for any player who requests.

Once you have a section for your haven you can now post there when operating in your haven and only you and those you give access to (more on this later) will be able to see and interact in your haven. Threads created here cannot be seen by any other players that you haven't temporarily or permanently granted access to.

Granting Other Players Access:
The flexibility that the new section provides now allows you to either bring someone back to your haven on occasion or grant someone the ability for their character to always have access to the haven. To allow another character to have access to your haven you simply follow very simple steps:

  1. PM a storyteller and request access. (I'd like to give Beckett access to my haven area.)
  2. Indicate if you'd like the storyteller to purge other threads in your haven. (Unlike normal forum threads, haven threads are deleted, not archived. Once you tell a storyteller to remove a haven thread it is gone forever)

At anytime you can revoke the access, so if the thread is complete, your character's business with another player concluded, you can simply PM a storyteller and request that character's access be removed again.

Getting Your Own Haven Section:
If you would like a haven section for your character please PM the Storyteller Group and include the following info:

  1. District your haven is located in. (Downtown, Southside, Del City, etc)
  2. Short description of your haven. (Abandoned Movie Theater)

It's that easy.

Once we have that info we will create your section and you should see it the next time you log on.

NEW FEATURE - Havens of the Damned EplmacF

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