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Post by FARRIS on Thu Feb 26, 2015 6:05 am

Status in OKC by Night will be run using a hybrid of the tabletop and MET systems.

You will have a numeric value to this background as per normal rules. However, each of those points of Status will have an accompanying descriptive value, like the Status Traits from Mind's Eye Theater rules.

These descriptive traits are to help give a feel to the mechanics of Status. It gives you an idea of the how and why you should be treating those with higher status than you. It's a guideline to how others perceive a character, and how a character should expect to be received. You will be expected to take these descriptive Status traits into account during role-playing.

A quick example: It would be a grievous insult to a person who has the Status traits of Just and Honorable if you called them corrupt and an honor-less dog. Where those two insults might very well be applicable to someone with two Status traits of Influential and Feared, however.

The Following are descriptive traits for Positive Status:
Admired, Adored, Celebrated, Cherished, Distinguished, Esteemed, Exalted, Famous, Faultless, Feared, Honorable, Illustrious, Influential, Just, Level-Headed, Praiseworthy, Prestigious, Recognized, Redoubtable, Respected, Revered, Trustworthy, Venerable, Well-Connected, Well-Known

Negative Status Traits:

In addition to the descriptive traits for Status there will also be Negative Status.

Negative Status works just like its positive counter part. It is a description of how a character is perceived by the Court and its members in Oklahoma City.

The Following are descriptive traits for Negative Status:
Abhorrent, Craven, Disconnected, Disrespectful, Dishonorable, Fulsome, Hot-Headed, Ignoble, Ignominious, Infamous, Insalubrious, Loathsome, Noisome, Oleaginous, Repugnant, Reviled, Scandalous, Unacknowledged, Uncouth

Gaining and losing Status (both Positive and Negative):

It is possible to gain and lose points (and traits) of status in OKC by Night. The mechanic for the gain or loss of status is as follows:

Any Kindred can attempt to bestow a single positive or negative trait to any other character. To do this the Kindred must have a minimum of positive status three times one greater than the positive or negative status of their target (depending on which type the attempt is to bestow). This is the same mechanic for the removal of a Status trait. A Primogen may affect the status of a member of their clan at the cost of only 2 times one greater than the target's current status, and an officer of the court or a Harpy may use the time cost when the effect is performed in the duties of her office. The Prince requires only 1 status greater than his target to affect him.

Status may be temporarily loaned to other characters for the purpose of affecting or resisting changes in status. This loan must be clearly stated during the relevant scene, as it is the character weighing in on public opinion. Characters may not loan Positive Status that is currently being used to negate any Negative Status they may possess. A member of the city must be named Unacknowledged by the Prince to fall under the Scourge's purview, but a character with more Negative Status than Positive would need extra investment on a sponsor's behalf in order to be presented to Court.

Status may also grant social bonus dice in relevant situations, such as during a formal debate in Court, or fulfilling the duties of an office.

For Example:
A Toreador is upset at another for buying an art gallery out from under his nose, and wants to inflict the Negative Status "Disrespectful" upon his clanmate for the gaffe. He is known to be Influential x2, while the upstart has no Status at all. The offended Toreador can not affect the upstart alone (0+1=1, 1x3=3, 3>2). He approaches his Primogen, and explains the situation. The Primogen agrees, and they publicly approach the upstart, with the Primogen now leading the motion to inflict the Negative Status. The Primogen uses all 4 of her Status, and the offended Kindred loans both of his Status to his Primogen for the motion. They can now easily sway public opinion against the upstart (4+2=6; 1x2=2, 2<6). The Ventrue that originally persuaded the young Toreador to move on the gallery sees the declaration, but can lend only 2 of his 3 Status, because he needs the third to cancel his Negative status. (2+1=3, 3*2=6, 6=6) means that public opinion is in lock concerning the issue, and no change is made unless further parties choose to get involved.

With this system it is possible to have more than 5 descriptive traits of positive status but the background Status Rating will not exceed 5. A character's Status Rating is determined by subtracting their negative traits from their positive with a maximum of 5 positive for their Rating.

Court Offices, and Primogen
Whether or not a city's members respect a character in a given position, they will still respect the position. To represent this, each titled position in the city grants bonus Status to the character currently occupying the position. This Status may only be used when a character is performing one of the duties of his or her office.

Prince: Exalted, Well-Known, Famous. Any and all matters pertaining to the city.
Seneschal: Cherished, Esteemed. Performs the duties of the Prince at his whim.
Primogen: Revered. Manage the responsibilities of their respective clans. May sponsor Whips.
Harpy: Influential. Loaned a temporary Status from each Primogen in a demonstration of support. Enforces Boons, may sponsor deputies.
Sheriff: Feared. Enforces the Traditions and defends the Court, has the right to demand any Kindred face questioning or judgment, may sponsor deputies.
Keeper of Elysium: Honorable. Enforces the Masquerade.
Scourge: Feared. Enforces the Progeny and Hospitality Traditions.

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