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Post by FARRIS on Thu Feb 26, 2015 5:39 am

OKC by Night will contain copious amounts of adult language, situations, violence and themes. Viewer discretion is advised. This game is rated TVMA. 

To initially resist a Frenzy you need to make (1) success. 
If you fail it takes (5) successes to regain control of character.

Characters in Frenzy will be under ST control unless the player spends temporary willpower to resist the Frenzy for a round. This is in effect until the (5) successes are achieved by the character.

Attributes and Abilities with Specializations:
Any roll including an Ability or Attribute in-which your character has an APPLICABLE specialty the difficulty of the roll will be lowered by (1). This is not a cumulative bonus. If you have a specialty in both the rolled Attribute and Ability difficulty is still decreased by only 1.

10's and 1's when rolling dice:
All 10's rolled on dice count for two successes.
All 1's rolled on dice will subtract successes.
If more 1's are rolled than successes the roll will be considered a botch.

For example:
A roll result of 10, 1, 1, 5, 1 results in a botch. 
A roll result of 10, 1, 1, 5, 3 results in a failure. 
A roll result of 10, 1, 5, 3, 2 is a successful roll.

This rule does not apply to rolls to either count damage dealt or damage soaked.

Spending Vitae to heal is a reflexive action, and requires no actual action, rolls, or splitting of dice pools for multiple actions.
One point of Blood heals one point of either Bashing or Lethal damage.

The Generation Background:
The first two dots of Generation cost (1) freebie point each. The third and fourth dots cost two (2) freebie points. The final dot costs (3) freebie points. The same cost scheme applies to the starting dots to allocate in Backgrounds.

The Herd Background:
Will be handled as per the Dark Ages setting. Each dot of Herd will be added to your blood pool at the start of each in-game night, as long as your character was active for the previous in-game night.

Rolls for Untrained Abilities:
As per the Core Rules:
Talents suffer no penalty for being untrained.
Skills suffer a (-1)die penalty for being untrained.
Knowledges can not be rolled untrained.

Everyone regens 1 Willpower at the start of every game night.
If prompted and an ST agrees to it, you can receive 1 Willpower for behavior fulfilling your nature.

Thaumaturgical Rituals:
Rituals no longer have a time requirement to learn but will cost XP instead.
Cost is as follows:
Level 1 & 2 Rituals cost 1XP
Level 3 & 4 Rituals cost 2XP
Level 5 Rituals cost 3XP

Avoiding Scene Lock / The 24hours Rule:
In an effort to prevent what I am calling "Scene Lock" the following house rule shall become applicable if, in your scenes, you are waiting for response from another player for the scene to progress, then, after 24 hours of no response from the player you are free to continue the scene without that player.

For example; if there is a scene where Abram and Vincent are talking but Vincent hasn't responded in 24 hours time, then Abram is free to carry on without Vincent.

This is not intended as a punishment for a player who's real life commitments have prevented him from playing, but to ensure that those players who are available to play are not stuck staring at the forum, spamming the refresh button and hoping that they can do something.  

There will be no repercussions for a player causing a scene lock, simply this as a way for a scene locked player to be able to proceed with the game.

There are limits to the amount of blood that can be safely taken from a human before they are subject to injury or death.

1-2 points leaves the mortal woozy and lightheaded, mildly confused, half a day of rest minimum required for them to fully recover.

3-4 points will leave the mortal unconscious and will need a few days of rest to fully recover. Could cause injury or long term detriment if the Kine has any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries.

5-6 points the mortal will be indefinitely unconscious and will require medical intervention to improve their condition.  Hypovolemic shock is likely at this point which will result in death if not treated promptly by medical professionals.

7+ Death is unavoidable.

Obfuscate (3): Mask of One Thousand Faces:
The only time you need to roll for the Mask is when you try to look specific in some fashion.

The mask always succeeds in making you not look like a real life monster. And people just won't really remember your appearance. Which can be a problem when you try to interact with the same people regularly.

To look like someone in particular, real or imagined, you need to make a roll.

Non-English Languages
As we are not using Merits in our system, a house-rule has been required to deal with characters speaking a language other than English (the default for this game). In order for a character to use such a language, they must purchase "Linguistics" as a Knowledge - this means that it has the 3/2/4/6/8 XP cost progression as an Ability, and can not be used without training. There is a small scaling to what further investment buys a character, however, as each subsequent dot allows a character to learn more languages as shown below:
+1 / +1 / +2 / +2 / +3
So, with 1 dot of Linguistics, the character may know one language other than English; with all 5 dots, the character may know 9 others.

This rule is not to shut down characters' use of small phrases like "bon appetit" or the like, it is simply to regulate who is fluent in what written and spoken forms of communication. Methods such as sign language and semaphore also fall under this rule.

If a character is using a non-standard means of communication, please write their message in English, but hide it inside of a Spoiler Box that is labeled appropriately so other players know what is or is not proper for them to look at.

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House Rules and New Systems Empty Re: House Rules and New Systems

Post by Vicar on Sat May 02, 2015 4:44 am


In the interest of resolving combat scenes in a manner that is more conducive to the Play-by-Post format than the rules given in the book for tabletop gaming, the OKC staff wishes for all players to be aware of and observe the following house rules:

Action Declaration: All player characters will make the posts containing their actions for the round. After that, the storyteller will provide the NPC action(s) for the round.
Extra-Actions Declaration: As above, exclusively for characters with supernatural powers such as Celerity.
Round Completion: Once all actions have been declared, the ST will discern which actions actually occur. Any additional rolls that need to be made for the scene to progress (such as bonus damage dice from additional successes on the roll to hit) will happen at this point. Finally, the ST will post the description for all actions that occurred in the round at once. The information given in this post is what should be used to inform any Action Declarations for the following round, not declarations for the round that may have already been produced by other players.

We will not be using the Initiative system in this game. We do not want to create a freeze on a scene due to waiting for players' availability to line up in just the right order, and would prefer that as many players post whenever they can and the bottleneck only occur on a single player, not multiple players in sequence. For results in which Initiative is a deciding factor (such as reducing dice pools for subsequent attackers when a target is using the Full Defense manuever), the Storyteller running the scene will apply typical Initiative rules in the scene's background.

When a player announces their character's intended action for the round, they are not limited to only a single action; this is our compromise between streamlining combat into a reasonable amount of posts and time taken to acquire replies, and the tactical capability of following Initiative.
Every character may declare a number of Contingencies equal to their level of Wits for a single round. Declaring a Defense maneuver does not use up a Contingency if the character succeeds in a Willpower rolls vs. Difficulty 6 (or expends a Willpower point). If a Contingency is used to declare a Defense, this roll is not required. If this roll is attempted and fails, the character continues with their originally declared action. If a character attempts to combine their defense with another action, they may not use the Willpower option.

Example Formatting
Below is an example of the posts we would like to see used in combat scenes. Please notice that the majority of relevant possible information about the character's capabilities are provided by the player making the post, reducing the time the ST has to spend looking the information up off a character sheet (time not spent writing). Please use Spoiler tags to compartmentalize the mechanics of your Contingencies to keep threads easy to read.


(-1 Blood, buffing Dexterity)
Vicar leaps forward, aiming a strong kick at the target in front of him.
Dexterity (4) + Brawl (1) = 5
Vicar carried out 5 launched of one d10 (Image not informed.) :
2 , 3 , 10 , 2 , 3

For Damage: Strength (3) + 1 KICK = 4
Vicar carried out 4 launched of one d10 (Image not informed.) :
2 , 2 , 5 , 9

Should the target attack Vicar with fangs, he will Dodge.

Willpower (6)
Vicar carried out 6 launched of one d10 (Image not informed.) :
9 , 5 , 8 , 6 , 8 , 10
Dexterity (4) + Athletics (0) = 4
Vicar carried out 4 launched of one d10 (Image not informed.) :
2 , 5 , 8 , 6

Wit (1): If the target attacks Vicar in a way other than claws, he will dodge out of the way and counter-attack with a kick.

Dexterity (4) + Athletics (0) = 4; using 1 out of 4
Vicar carried out 1 launched of one d10 (Image not informed.) :
Dexterity (4) + Brawl (1) = 5; using 3 out of 4
Vicar carried out 3 launched of one d10 (Image not informed.) :
10 , 3 , 9

Wit (2): If the target strikes at Ally#1, Vicar will kick from its flank.

Dexterity (4) + Brawl (1) + Flank (1) = 6
Vicar carried out 6 launched of one d10 (Image not informed.) :
2 , 4 , 1 , 8 , 4 , 2

Damage: Strength (3) + Kick (1) = 4
Vicar carried out 4 launched of one d10 (Image not informed.) :
2 , 1 , 5 , 1

Wit (3): If the target moves towards Ally#2, Vicar will tackle the beast.

Strength (3) + Brawl (1) = 3
Vicar carried out 4 launched of one d10 (Image not informed.) :
6 , 8 , 1 , 10

Strength (3) + Tackle (1) = 4
Vicar carried out 4 launched of one d10 (Image not informed.) :
5 , 1 , 9 , 5

Dexterity (4) + Athletics (0) = 4
Vicar carried out 4 launched of one d10 (Image not informed.) :
2 , 8 , 4 , 5
- - - - -

Soak for Lethal
Stamina (3) + Fortitude (1) = 4
Vicar carried out 4 launched of one d10 (Image not informed.) :
1 , 5 , 3 , 2


House Rules and New Systems EplmacF

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House Rules and New Systems Empty Re: House Rules and New Systems

Post by Vicar on Sat May 02, 2015 6:09 am

By request, I will highlight that the maneuver demonstrated under Wit (1) is an example of splitting dice pools to perform multiple actions in a single turn. This is not a house rule, and is described fully on pg248 of the V20 rulebook.

House Rules and New Systems EplmacF

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House Rules and New Systems Empty Re: House Rules and New Systems

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