Two weeks of Sundays!

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Two weeks of Sundays! Empty Two weeks of Sundays!

Post by P. "Pike" Kelly on Sun Apr 19, 2015 2:46 am

It's a pretty damn good session when we get an extension to keep the party rockin', right? I know I was really excited by the formal Court scene, and not just because I got time in the spotlight with my character's Acknowledgment speech. It was the first scene I've had on here with serious interaction with other PCs (no offense, Pavel, but we pretty much just did introductions and then parted ways before), and that means the world to me in games like this. Interacting with NPCs is invaluable, of course, but in my opinion it only means anything to set up your next interactions with other PCs.

Also very exciting to see new players. Welcome again to Casper and Vivi, both Gangrel characters. I love what I've seen from both of you so far, and very much hope that you decide to stick around and keep on playing here.

Getting into favorite details... Vince. Dude. If that's how our characters interact with each other in a formal setting, I'm really looking forward to them "working together" on the task force. They're definitely showing the other clans why it's a bad idea to mess with Ventrue business in a "if that's how they treat kin..." sort of way.
Willem, your botch on the blood tasting was hilarious. I'll have to remember that it's only out-of-character I know that his first reaction when trouble rears its head is to flee, and then maybe once he's out of the way he'll warn others of the danger. Pesky, yellow-bellied Tremere *shakes fist*
Pavel, sorry you had exams and whatnot keeping you away from the keyboard these past two weeks. Thank you for making my joke in the chatango widget about being "everybody's favorite music-appreciation teacher" less of a joke, though. Besides the tremendous success of your roll, the piece of music you chose for your character to play was one I hadn't heard before, but I listened to it 4 times while writing up my response, and it really is magical. Never gave classical music much attention before, and while I won't pretend I'm going to start picking up collections of Bach and Schubert, I might not be such a grump when my band-nerd younger brother wants to pick the radio station next time we drive together.
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Two weeks of Sundays! Empty Re: Two weeks of Sundays!

Post by FARRIS on Tue Apr 21, 2015 9:46 pm

I'm glad we extended that game night into two weeks.

Only 3 or 4 scenes total were ran in two weeks but I felt that a lot was accomplished both in story and in really getting people into the game.

As Abram said above, NPC interaction is essential but the real fun and excitement is when you get to play with the other PCs.

While it may have dragged a little bit long by the end of week two I don't think it would have been as successful if it had been forced to end abruptly on the first week.

In the future I think I'm going to implement a few changes to the way a big scene like that works to hopefully help people from getting buried a page or two behind in the scene.

As always my new friends, thank you for playing and I hope you all are continuing to enjoy your time here!

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Two weeks of Sundays! EplmacF

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