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Post by FARRIS on Fri Apr 03, 2015 12:39 pm

Greetings all my wonderful new internet friends!

First let me say we are 5 weeks into the game and from my end things are going great. I'm enjoying running things for you all and best as I can figure you are all enjoying yourselves as well. And that's just awesome.

I have found with 5 active players when you are all active in your own scenes that it starts getting to be a bit for me by my lonesome to keep up with. To that end I have spoken with a couple of you about helping me out as an assistant storyteller or narrator or what-have-you-title-thing. Abram Merrit's player has agreed to help me and I think, after speaking with him some more, that he and I will get along very well and that he and I see things very similar in so far as tone and setting for this game.

He is going to continue with his own character as well as helping me run scenes and I have the utmost faith in him to be able to do so without any abuse of power on his part.

With the addition of another storyteller I am going to focus on some more recruitment to the game and I'd like you all to help if you can. So far most of you have been recruited from Reddit and I think one of you from the Onyx Path forums. I will continue to post recruitment messages there. If any of you know of other sites to recruit people from I'd love to hear about it! Hell, why don't you go and recruit people there for me? Especially if you are already a member of that community.

I sent out a message to the player group a couple weeks back offering a 3xp bounty for any players you recruited and that bounty will stand until otherwise noted. The more players we have the more fun this game will become, the more intrigue that will happen the more plots within plots within plots that will be constructed by you all, the players.

I want more than anything for this game to be truly collaborative in it's storytelling. I would like to reach the point where you players are creating and driving the story forward instead of me. And we'll need more players to reach that goal. The PbP game that I helped run had at it's peak 5 ST's and about 30 active players. It was the most exciting, fun, and intrigue riddled story I've ever encountered. And while I don't think I'm ready for OKC by Night to reach that size yet, that type of situation is what I am for.

Most of you here now, are new to the play by post format, so just trust me when I say that the more players you have in a game like this the more fun it becomes to play. So help me to help you increase the enjoyment we all get from OKC by Night and playing as the damned monsters of the night. Recruit another player or two. Help us grow and get a little xp boost! Woo!

In closing, let me say these few things:

Thank you! Without you this could not and would not be happening and I sincerely mean it: Thank you.

Let's make this the best game we can possibly make it, together!

Please welcome Vicar as your new member of the Storyteller staff, he is awesome and amazing for willingly giving up his time to help make this game a better place for all of us.

And finally let's all keep having fun! As that's the whole purpose of this game afterall!

Your humble Storyteller,


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Post by Vicar on Fri Apr 03, 2015 1:19 pm

My next couple of days are likely going to be spent reading. I have already skimmed the character sheets and read the backgrounds submitted for the active characters, and now will be going through ST notes and archived threads to make sure that anything I get up to will be well-suited to OKC By Night's environment. Once I am comfortable with that, I will pick up the mantel fully, but I don't expect to reach Farris's 900+ (and counting!) post-count for some time yet.

Beyond that, I can only echo Farris's statements above, but one does bear repeating: thank you all for being a part of this and making it such a joy.

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